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Corporate Business Sessions / Retreats

Mental health and happiness in the workplace directly correlate to employee and business productivity.

  • Now that The Great Pause is over, are you reorganizing your work and the office?

  • Did the shift to work from home unbalance your team, both physically and mentally?

  • Forbes Magazine: “With more than half of working adults reporting increases in anxiety

    and decreases in productivity at work in response to COVID-19, coordinated action and

    public-private partnerships are key to galvanizing action among employers globally to

    promote wellbeing of their workforces now and in the future," ~ Arnaud Bernaert, Head of the Shaping the Future of Health and Healthcare initiative at the World Economic Forum


“Through research and my own self-reflection, I created the healing methodology Medicine with Words. Medicine with Words is essentially yoga for your mind. We take care of our bodies, so why not give our minds the same courtesy?”

~ Elizabeth Blake-Thomas

Published Author,

Award-Winning Film Director,

Professor at Pepperdine University

Medicine with Words - Business Breakdown


Better the mental health and happiness in your workplace with a Medicine with Words session, through:


I.     Guided studies of intention

    Gain clarity on what your intentions are and how to realistically achieve them

II.     Mindfulness practices

    Learn practical exercises to incorporate with work, focusing your mind to increase productivity

III.    Storytelling exercises

    Exercise the all-too-important skill of sharing and public speaking

IV.    Inspiring authentic voices

    Working to not only increase confidence with choices, but to promote individual drive as well

V.     Stress regulation

    Catching yourself before a spiral, identifying the signs and resolving issues before they impact your life

VI.    Team/Relationship building

    Building an open environment of honesty, trust and awareness to better work community

Program Costs & Timings  -  Programs tailored to your team’s needs

Virtual Program (up to 20 people)

  • Single Day: $4,000

  • Three-Day: $11,000

In-Person Program (up to 20 people) - Elizabeth comes to you

  • Single Day: $5,000*

  • Three-Day: $14,000*
    *contingent on travel distance

In-Person Program (up to 20 people) - your team comes to Elizabeth in Los Angeles, CA 

  • Check back for retreat lodging details

For longer program inquiries and groups over 20,

please email or use the website contact form

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