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Individual Sessions

Becoming a "Star" (an individual client) with Elizabeth Blake-Thomas encompasses embarking on a journey to clear your mind, refocus your attentions, and realign your life.


Through hour-long sessions, as Stars you will move through the Medicine with Words methodology, at your unique pace, achieving personal success in multiple aspects of your life.

Medicine with Words - Chapter Breakdown

I.     Healing through happiness

    Rediscovering your joy to help resolve unknown conflict in your soul

II.    Clearing your senses

    Stepping away from everyday distractions in order to unblock your receptors

III.   Writing your story

    Creating the pathways for you to choose from, when deciding in which direction your life is going

IV.   Living without fear

    Breaking down the reality of why you are your own barrier

V.    Changing your soundtrack

    Using practical adjustments in your life to help guide you towards personal clarity

VI.   Storytelling by the fire pit

    Reminding you of your childlike wonder by listening to stories and creating a world in your imagination

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does an Individual Hour with Elizabeth look like?

An Individual Hour w/ Elizabeth will excite, strengthen and activate you. From the unwavering conviction she puts behind her words, to her firm posture, manner of dress, and humility, Elizabeth is intentional in her actions in a way that transforms those around her. She has an innate skill for seeing within others what they might themselves overlook. She asks questions to stimulate awareness, encourage expansion, and is committed to unlocking the person's full potential for growth with actionable steps. Within an hour you will be on the path to achieving greater purpose + happiness in your life. 

How much does an Individual Hour session cost?

Each Individual Hour starts at $250, depending on the session location.

How quickly can I expect changes in my life after learning through MWW?

Changes will begin immediately if the person is open to deconstructing most of what they think they know. MWW was created to intentionally stretch + expand our way of being in the world. It challenges us to alter our perceptions of who we are + what we "know" as reality. For those who are dedicated, you will see change within 6-8 weeks.


Are there any “side effects” I should expect after going on this journey?

Warning: You may have an identity crisis, but this is part of the process! Undoing psychological programming will inevitably be challenging, but it is essential to the creative growth Elizabeth will set in motion for your life. Most of the time, in order for us to become more confident, our consciousness must expand, which requires rewiring our thinking. This can often be scary because we are driven to challenge our deepest beliefs + reevaluate the narratives we have created for ourselves, but MWW encourages this process. Elizabeth knows that greater inner-peace + self-love starts by looking within + examining our own behaviors. This inner-work is a small "side effect" to living a more joy-filled life.


Where do I go to take these “lessons”?

These can be on the story bus, story boat, zoom or in your own dwelling. 


Is there any prep work I should do before meeting with Elizabeth?

Come with your favorite pen and pad. You don’t need to have done any prep work just come feeling open and ready to feel the change. No skills required. 


What’s the difference between a corporate “retreat” vs a one on one?

Corporate retreat is with other people and you work in groups and with partners. One on one is much more about personalized change and how to positively change your individual life.


Where do I begin? How do I know this is right for me? How do I know which type of “class” is right for me?

Elizabeth suggests you begin with the ten minute discussion where you can both discuss what you want to get out of these sessions. Then you will both work out what’s right together for the next steps.

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Il était une fois...

How I use storytelling in Medicine with Words...

"The brain's love for storytelling can be the key to healing and happiness."

When we go back through our own life story, using all of our senses to remember, we open up mental pathways and clear out space for new ideas to grow and flourish.

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