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  • Individual Sessions (Virtual or In-Person)

  • Group Workshops & Retreats

  • Corporate Business Sessions

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​What is Mindset Coaching? 


Mindset coaching focuses on clients' existing beliefs and patterns of thinking. A good mindset coach works to help clients recognize, question, and revise persistent patterns of thought​.


Develop a success mindset.

Build self-discipline.

Boost confidence.

Manage stress.

Improve focus.


Medicine with Words is designed to facilitate and sustain lasting behavior change within an individual mindset as well as a group mindset, when business group coaching is done.

For Companies and Their Employees:


Mindset coaches support you in changing your thinking, learning new mindset skills, and achieving your full potential via a stronger, foundational mindset and outlook. Achieving the desired future for your business is within your reach if you overcome your biggest obstacle: your limiting beliefs​.​


Medicine with Words coaching shows greater effectiveness at developing the soft skills that managers need to lead and ​that ​individuals need to thrive. There can be no leadership development without self-development. The effectiveness of a leader is only as strong as their growth as a person. Leaders today need a combination of strong soft skills and technical capabilities in order to be effective. Developing skills such as resiliency, a growth mindset, communication, and empathy will help leaders better plan, coach teams, and ​exercise ​flex​ability​ when conditions change.


​Research-backed principles combine to help organizations achieve the outcomes they ​desire: increased retention, reduce​d​ stress and burnout​,​ and improved productivity and engagement​.​

MWW Tools

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Il était une fois...

How I use storytelling in Medicine with Words...

"The brain's love for storytelling can be the key to healing and happiness."

When we go back through our own life story, using all of our senses to remember, we open up mental pathways and clear out space for new ideas to grow and flourish.

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