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Back Tattoo

Jane - Author

"I met Elizabeth when I was in a very fearful place which was incapacitating. I was stuck and unable to see my way out. Elizabeth worked by helping me imagine the world I authentically wanted for myself – that had nothing to do with my external reality.

With Elizabeth’s help I was able to physically remove myself from my situation to get the space I needed to move forward. 

I thoroughly recommend working with Elizabeth, who goes above and beyond all expectations. It is thanks to her that I’m here now, knowing I have a future which I’m thrilled about and moving towards"

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Rafael - Executive Director Resin Art Studios

“An hour with Elizabeth is a magical hour well spent - a journey through consciousness through the tip of a pen - guided both gently and clearly along - no skills required. I began to see changes in real time and in my actions the next day . . . A side effect of the MWW experience is a dose of clarity . . . It became a prompt for growth, and a map towards doing more meaningful personal growth work.”


Jessica - Actress & Influencer 

"Elizabeth has helped me tremendously. Having such a lovely human guide me through life and give me the tools to really take a look at myself and achieve greater success is such a blessing. Learning the patterns of my negative words towards myself and learning which words give me power has been invigorating. So happy to be bettering myself."


Jenni - Dog Walker

"Elizabeth is a very optimistic person who helps you to reframe a situation you may be struggling with in a positive light, and helps you think about things in a refreshing way. I like that she titles her business Medicine with Words because how we think, and what we say, has such a big impact on the direction our life takes, and the results we manifest in our lives. I highly recommend her to be a part of your holistic wellness team."


Jonathan - Longtime Independent Producer & Movie Executive 

"To bring clarity and improve confidence in a creative process is itself a blessing. To do so with efficiency and simplicity is a miracle. MWW takes proven psychological principles and blends them with a unique and inspiring teaching system. I believe great results can be achieved by its practice, both professionally and personally."


Bernie - Professor

"...Elizabeth lead us with a creative activity, which opened up free from discussion, laughter, playfulness and the permission to be ourselves. It was much more than I anticipated from a single day retreat. How luck am I to have connected with such beautiful souls."


Maya - Actress, Producer & Mother

"Elizabeth truly creates magic with her words. Her words are indeed medicine and simply being around her I feel deep healing and inner peace. Entering motherhood myself, she shared that this is my next stage and my new awakening. She told me to not be afraid, that there is no rule book, and reminded me to be present."


Nina - Holistic Cancer Coach & Speaker

"I have been working with Elizabeth for years now, and her entire 'Medicine with Words' program has helped me quiet and take back the power of my overstimulated mind. She has helped me find deep clarity and I have become far more present and productive in my days. I can’t thank Elizabeth enough for her patience and for all the tools she has taught me. Last but not least, she is simply an inspirational woman."


Jeff - Vice President of Operations 

"Medicine with Words was a meaningful conversation about myself and the goals I have set for myself and the company I work for. In the time I spent with Elizabeth, I gained a perspective I never saw before. Over the next few weeks, I began to see the abilities I have and better ways to utilize them, but it did not stop there. I decided to have several sessions in a group environment with my senior staff. My hope was to help these valuable people see the value each brings to the table. Elizabeth was instrumental in not only bringing minds together but hearts together as well. This may seem like a fairytale but it worked. Over the last few months I have witnessed more production with less turmoil and a greater respect for each person’s contribution. Simple put, business done as it should be. Thank you, Elizabeth."


Shelby - Project Manager, Marketing

"Elizabeth has such a contagious and uplifting energy. Her words and tools help inspire self-reflection and the ability to connect with your journey.  She creates an environment where people bring their walls down and feel comfortable with vulnerability. As a student in her class during the pandemic, it was a time of solace and safety during such a turbulent period.  I am so grateful to have crossed paths and learned from her."


Julie - Author

"Looking to find clarity for the changes I’m encountering in my life I was excited to go to the Visionary Retreat and it didn’t disappoint. The three sessions were insightful, informative and helpful. Elizabeth, Sonja and Dariana created a welcoming, safe space which encouraged truthful and authentic interactions. Their sessions all complimented each other giving the group a great insight to new tools for moving forward into a better future. I also loved being with a group of previously unknown women whom I found I had so much in common with. Overall this was a wonderful day which I can only highly recommend others to attend. Thank you so very much."


Irra - CEO Zamna Technologies

"We booked Elizabeth for an interactive workshop, my team found her sessions engaging and her tools brought about unexpected insights that challenged them and helped them identify, understand, and own their strengths, so they felt more empowered to navigate change and reach their potential. Not only did that mean a happier employee but also statistically meant a better ROI for the company. I saw a 130% increase in individual performance as well as a 50% reduction in burnout and a 28% increase in team performance. Highly recommend."

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Sean - Emmy-nominated Producer & TV/Film Director

"Elizabeth gave me tools for high-stress and high-paced environments to help me stay focused and increase my productivity."


Riley - Writer & Student

"Medicine with words came into my life at a time when I didn’t know I needed it. At the time I was still figuring out if my major in college was the right choice and if I had just wasted the last four years. The tools and methodology that Elizabeth gave me helped me feel confident that I was on the right track and my purpose in life is to make sure I’m enjoying what it is that I’m doing."

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Asta - Actress & Writer

"I've always been fascinated with how Elizabeth experiences life. Truly and fully. It's a thing of beauty to witness. She gives you the tools to enjoy your existence from moment to moment and I for one am forever grateful to her."


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