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Imagine having no worries

"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak" - Hans Hofmann

NO SHOPPING. VEGANISM. 10 HOURS OF SLEEP. NO SUGAR. These might sound like extreme ideas, they may appear to be intangible, however, what they allow is for a very simple life. Once your choices are reduced, you can actually put the time into the things that really matter. Simplicity in the outside world will then assist with the simplicity in your mind. Keep it Simple! S: structure your life in a different way, even small tweaks are positive steps at the beginning of the road to simplicity I: imagine not having to worry about everything. Put your energy into the things that count and nothing else. M: materialism is around us 24/7. Instead of what you want, take a look at what you need. P: purpose, what is your purpose at the moment? Not the bigger picture purpose, but how you want to spend your time at that moment. L: learn to let go, remove all the surplus in your life E: establish a new way of living.

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