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What does truth mean to you?

"Have the boldness to tell yourself the truth - every bit of it" - Oprah Winfrey

Don’t compromise your true self just to satisfy others. The first stop along this journey is to figure out who your true self even is. Are you an introvert? An extrovert? Maybe you’re an ambivert? Finding your true self can also apply to religion, spirituality, sexuality, and politics. Being true to who you are has a wide spectrum. Small decisions apply, as well as life-changing ones. Let’s say you find yourself constantly getting mad when a parent calls. You have a few choices, you can react annoyed, you can accept the call with a smile on your face, or choose to not answer it at all. The difference between the three reactions is you deciding who you want to be and staying true to that. Don’t let other people’s energy change the true version of yourself. Tell yourself the Truth! T: try and find some clarity with your thoughts by working out what makes you tick. R: redundancy, what becomes redundant when you find your truth? U: understand that truth telling can disrupt the status quo of your current life, so be prepared for changes. T: talk to yourself when making decisions, keep talking to yourself, it’s ok to continually grow and change to find your truth. H: honesty is paramount, honesty with yourself.

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