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How noisy is your head right now?

"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes - including you" - Anne Lamott

Have you ever spent one day a week just unplugging from work or other responsibilities? Rest can quickly become a neglected priority in your busy life. For the next month, choose one day each week for intentional rest—no work allowed. How does that make you feel? Society has become so reliant on technology, it’s important to remove the emotional, and physical clutter from your mind. By unplugging yourself, you can get some time out, and reboot your mind and body. Once you’ve completed that day, take a look back at how you feel. Do you want to do it again? Time to Unplug! U: understand this might be hard to start with. So spend the day looking at how you normally use technology, start with the computer or TV. N: no phone areas, create a space where you choose not to have phones. P: periodic breaks from technology. L: lock away your devices if you’re not able to leave them alone. U: using technology only in a positive way. G: give yourself time to get used to this new behavior, you might find changes in your mood.

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