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What is Medicine with Words?

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Medicine: There are so many types of it. At the heart of its purpose is the treatment and prevention of disease.

Words: These are ways we express ourselves. The way we connect or tell a story, the way we understand things.

In order for us to live a healthy life and prevent anxiety, stress, unhappiness, dissolution, jealousy, worry that can lead to us being unhealthy, we can use different methods to express ourselves. Exercises and tools to help us live with clarity, purpose and intention. Medicine with Words is a practice that guides you to uncover your purpose. Using mindful and practical tools, you can learn to live your life with intention.

I’ve personally experienced the negative affects my life has had on my body on more than one occasion. When stress caused my back ache and slipped discs, sitting and working in a stressful environment. When divorce caused my immune system to go so low I caught the flu. Or when my body and head have hurt so much that I couldn’t stop crying because I didn’t know what to do with my life.

I’m not simplifying real medicine. But I’m trying to ensure we understand how important words are to our health, mentally and physically. Words we share with others as much as words we tell ourselves.

Through my own personal experiences as well as through my degree in theater and English, running a non profit and several companies, I created ten tools that inform the main aspects of this practice. These tools have up to 88 exercises with which to explore ourselves. Creative exercises that get us thinking outside of the box and managing our mindfulness. All of this leads to a more purposeful and intentional life.

So why is that important? Well we don’t live forever, and I strongly believe in making the most of every minute on this planet. But intentionally living, not just in a mad crazy fast paced, whatever happens kind of way.

We are taught that the more we do the better our life must be, the more we have and own the more successful we are, the higher our position in our career and more money we earn the more knowledgeable and great we must be. None of this is actually true. All of this can add more stress and worries and concerns to our plate. Now if this is the life you want and choose, then the exercises and tools still apply as long as it’s a life that has been chosen and is lived with intention. If that’s the life you have and want to change it then that is totally possible.

Medicine with words does require commitment, bravery and an acceptance of self. It possibly alters your life, your friendship group, and changes your thought pattern. But only for the better.

What’s so great about this practice is that it connects people and families, you can do as much or as little as you want or need. But believe me once you begin, and see how positive it feels, you’ll want to share and continue to grow and experience a world of clarity, calmness and happiness in a way you didn’t think was possible.

Just remember it’s not an overnight pill and it takes a conscious mindset to make it happen. But I’m excited for you to learn more.

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