If you have found me, then it's the right time

Medicine with Words is a safe, space where you start a creative journey that "spring cleans" your mind. 

What is the creative journey? Putting pen to paper again. Removing the everyday noise that we all experience. Stopping and breathing in the air around us. 

Powerful changes can be expected when we open ourselves up to creativity. Medicine with Words can facilitate teaching yourself how to handle your purpose and allowing yourself permission to grow and be creative in this new world which we find ourselves. 

You can start this journey at any age, no matter what awareness you already have, regardless of your background or current career. 


It's never too early or too late to begin this transformative journey. It's here to help you write and rewrite your own story.

If the world around you was your ideal, what would you create?


Imagine if every word you spoke, earned you $1, but not speaking, earned you $2. Would you spend more time listening? 

Elizabeth Blake-Thomas

I have been a theatre director for 20 years, a film director for 5 years, a homeschooling and a on-set mother for 18 years. I have published a book, travelled the world, created a podcast, raised 1.5 million dollars and directed and written 8 features. I am  Professor Blake-Thomas at Pepperdine University, running a course called “Storytelling and the Power of Our Words.” 


I’m not a writer, or a director, or a photographer or a painter or a teacher. I'm a personal trainer for your mind.

I’m a Storyteller.


This is who I am, a storyteller. Defining and discovering this has allowed me time to relook at what I’m about, looking into my deep happiness, forgiving myself, removing blame and guilt from my past, meditating and taking much needed time out from the rat race and it's given me the brain space to “find my purpose” and in the words of Joseph Campbell “ finding your bliss”.

Through research and my own self-reflection, I have created a healing methodology called Medicine with Words. Medicine with Words encompasses everything from your emotions and surroundings, to your purpose and desires. Through guided studies of intention and reflection using pen to paper, meditation, stories and your senses, learn to lead a more purposeful, contented, peaceful life. Free yourself from the unnecessary noise that the world muddles your mind with, and start living intentionally, without fear.


Il était une fois...

How I use storytelling

"The brain's love for storytelling can be the key to healing and happiness."

When we go back through our own life story, using all of our senses to remember, we open up mental pathways and clear out space for new ideas to grow and flourish.

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I look forward to being part of your journey