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About the Founder

I'm Elizabeth Blake-Thomas, Mind Coach & Healer of the company "Medicine with Words".


- Hitting 40, I felt completely lost. 

- Being a single mum, I felt I was always struggling.

- Plateauing in my career, I felt constantly stuck.

- Going through life, I've dealt with so many ups and downs.


Through research and my own self-reflection, I turned inward to rewire my mental state in order to lead a more purposeful, peaceful life. Out of that personal growth, friends, family and strangers alike noticed my positive change and asked how I'd done it. 


And from that, "Medicine with Words" was born to create the mind coach I'd wish I had and to share my newfound tools with others.

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"I have published 2 books, travelled the world, been a professor at Pepperdine University, created a podcast, and directed and produced 11 films. I have been a theater director for 20 years, a film director for 6 years, a homeschooling teacher for 11 years, and a mother for 20 years (and counting)."

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"When I'm running Medicine with Words, I’m not a writer, a director, a traveler, or a professor. All of these experiences feed into my practice, think of me as a personal trainer for your mind."

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